Having had a really great interest in my paintings, I decided to produce some cards from them. They have been selling very well. So I decided to create this website www.cardsinspiredbyart.co.uk and offer the opportunity to buy realistically priced different packs of all my cards. All cards are blank inside with envelopes.... and p&p is FREE in the UK

Hope you enjoy looking through my cards! - Maria
I studied a three year degree course in Graphic Design at Gloucester College of Art, then worked as a visualizer in an advertising agency and a freelance illustrator while having a family.

Now I will get into my studio and absorb myself in drawing and painting, as much as I can. Inspiration comes from a life-long love of my garden, nature and travel, and often discovering wonderful colour combinations and patterns in the simplicity and beauty of birds and wildlife. My painting style has evolved to using vivid colouring techniques and I would say a freer, semi abstract style.

Different colours create different moods and have a great effect on the mood you feel when looking at artwork. I love the vibrant colours of acrylic paints, and sometimes combine them with acrylic inks and pen work on paper, board or canvas. A technique I find lends itself to some of my pictures. The balance between colour and line works well, and the line doesn’t overwhelm but adds another dimension, I believe.

Do please take a look at my website and artwork at www.inspiredbycolour.co.uk